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The Russian Federation, commonly known as Russia or Russia (Russian: Россия), is a federal republic located in the northern part of Eurasia. It covers two continents and is the largest country in the world. Its land area is one-eighth; it is also the ninth-largest population country in the world, with 145 million people, and 77% lives in its more developed European part.
Russia's territory covers northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, spanning 11 time zones, covering a wide range of environments and terrains.
Russia currently has 28 world heritage sites, of which 17 are cultural heritage and 11 are natural heritage.Wikipedia-World Heritage of Russia. For more information on travelling to Russia, seeRussian Tourism Agency,Mozambique ~ Russian tourism official website list

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Russian exchange rate

The currency of Russia is the ruble, currency code: RUB, symbol: ₽. SeeWikipedia.
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Russian Food & Specialties

Russian specialty, see ourTravel Blog-Shopping in Russia.
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Recommended tourist routes

Kamchatka / Sakhalin / Vladivostok

  • Kamchatka:With volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers and geysers, the Kamchatka volcano group is listed as a World Heritage Site. The brown bear season is also a great spectacle every year.
  • Sakhalin Island:The Russian name is "Sakhalin Island" and the Japanese name is "Kahata Island". It has rich natural resources, and you can experience the taste of King Crab.
  • Vladivostok:The Russian name is "Vladivostok", a frozen port in the Russian Far East, Vladivostok Railway Station is the terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Baikal, Olkhon Island

  • Baikal:Formerly known as the North Sea, it is included in the World Natural Heritage and is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world.
  • Olivier Island:It is the largest island on Lake Baikal. The island is dominated by Buryats. It is the center of Shamanism in northern Russia, and the Russians call it the "mysterious island."

Murmansk, Russia-Northern Lights

  • Murmansk:The largest city in the Arctic Circle, located at 69 degrees north latitude, has a polar night of one and a half months a year, making it one of the best places to photograph the northern lights in the world.
  • Teriberka:The small fishing village on the shores of the Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean is the last refuge for wrecked ships, and the ship's graveyard on the shore has become its main attraction.
  • Sami Ethnic Village:A place where the indigenous people of Murmansk live. Experience a reindeer sleigh ride or a siberian husky dog sleigh ride. Put on Sami national costumes and feed reindeer.

Golden Ring Ancient City & Popular Cities ~ Saint Mok

  • Golden Ring of Russia:Also known as the Great Golden Circle, it is a tourist route based on the capital Moscow and focusing on the ancient towns around it.
  • Saint Petersburg:It is the most westernized city in Russia, and an important port of Russia in the Baltic area. It has the nickname of Venice in the north.
  • Kazan:It is Russia's three A-class historical and cultural cities with Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Kazan Kremlin is a World Heritage Site.

Crimea / Northern Caucasus / Russia

  • Crimea:Crimea is located in the northern part of the Black Sea. It is called "the epitome of the world."
  • Black Sea City ~ Sochi:It is the coast of the Black Sea, the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and a popular Russian resort.
  • North Caucasus ~ Elbrus Peak:Visiting the North Caucasus of the Russian Federation, Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe.
  • Russian mystery:Karelia, known as the "Kingdom of Forests and Lakes", Yakutsk, the world's ice capital, Altai Mountains, Russia's World Heritage & #8230 ;, etc.

Trans-Siberian Railway

  • Trans-Siberian Railway:The longest intercontinental railway in the world, with a total length of 9288 kilometers, connects St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vladivostok.
    You can experience 8 days and 7 nights in the exclusive carriage of the Mobile Castle-Siberian Railway and travel through 8 time zones. It is one of the 50 attractions you must visit in life.

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