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Sakhalin & Kuril Islands-Video



Kamchatka ~ Overview

  • It is located in the Russian Far East Federal District and a peninsula in Northeast Asia. It is under the jurisdiction of Kamchatka Territory, the Okhotsk Sea to the west, the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the east, and its capital, Petropavlovsk, is located in the southeast of the peninsula. SeeWikiguide.
  • Kamchatka has 160 volcanoes, 29 are active volcanoes, and 19 of them are World Natural Heritage. Klyuchev (4,750 meters above sea level) is the highest active volcano on the island.
  • Kamchatka is a place where ice and fire coexist, and volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers form a unique landscape.
  • It has amazing wildlife, such as wild red salmon swimming in the ocean, attracting brown bears to hunt for food.
  • In Kamchatka, you can explore this pristine area in depth by three types of tours: sea, land and air.
  • Official website of the Russian Tourism Board ~ Kamchatka Krai,Kamchatka Tourism Web site


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Kamchatka-Iceland off-road vehicle heading to Avaca volcano_Photographed by team leader Hong Zhenyao_20150722kamchatka-IMG_7925
Camel Hill, Kamchatka-Awacha Volcano Group_Photographed by Li Mingfeng_02616

▌ Take the icefield off-road vehicle to the Avaca Plateau:

  • On the way to the Avaca volcano group (also known as the Avaccha volcano or Avachinsky volcano group, Avachinsky), you can see the Avacca volcano along the road, with a peak height of about 2751 meters. It is Kamchatka One of the most active volcanoes on the peninsula, it is the first volcano on the peninsula to "see" tourists!
  • Arrive at CAMEL HILL in the Awacha volcano group and experience a volcanic glacier hike:Passengers can climb to the summit of Camel Mountain, which is about 1,200 meters high. Here you can also see its neighbor, Koryaksky volcanoes. The cone of the volcano is also covered with a layer of snow.
Kamchatka-Avaca volcanic glacier walk_Photographed by team leader Su Minxian_IMG_1114
Camel Mountain in Kamchatka-Avaca Volcanic Group-Animal Ecology_Photo by Li Mingfeng

Natural ecology ~ cute marmots will ask visitors to eat

Camel Hill of Kamchatka-Awacha volcanic group-climbing to the top_Photographed by team leader Hong Zhenyao_20150722kamchatka-IMG_8016

Challenge yourself ~ Climb to the summit of Camel Mountain, about 1,200 meters

Kamchatka-Koryaksky volcano_Photo by team leader Zheng Zihong_IMG_7361

Feel the magnificent scenery ~ deep into the volcanic glaciers, the most primitive features


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Kamchatka-Avaca bay cruise_Photo by team leader Zheng Zihong_IMG_5938

出 Ship out to sea and explore the marine ecology of the Gulf of Avaca:

Kamchatka-Avaca bay cruise-overlooking Kyriask volcano_Photo by Li Mingfeng_01503
  • Avaca Bay: A bay on the east coast of Kamchatka Peninsula, 24 kilometers long and 3 kilometers widest.
  • Cove Island, Stari District: It attracts numerous migratory birds from Siberia and Japan to inhabit it. It is called Seabird Paradise.
  • On the way to Velyucinsky volcanic bay, you will see representatives of Kamchatka's marine landscape, such as "Three Brothers", "Mother-in-law Rock", "Finger Rock" and other cliffs facing the sea. The natural scenery of the Pacific Ocean and Awacha Bay .



Kamchatka-floating on a hovercraft _ photography by Zheng Zihong_IMG_0996

▌ Ride on a hovercraft and explore the landscape and ecology of forest streams:

  • Experience the hovercraft, fishing on the river, the chance to catch the first 1-meter salmon or trout in life, and enjoy the natural ecology of Kamchatka's wildlife.
  • In summer and autumn, there is also a chance to see the landscape of salmon returning and brown bears making up salmon.
Kamchatka-floating on a hovercraft _ photography by Zheng Zihong_IMG_0996


Chinese Tour

Kamchatka-Take Helicopter-South Line-Tour Kukha Lake _Photo by Team Leader Zheng Zihong_IMG_4442
There are many options for helicopter tours of Kamchatka. Common choices include visiting the geyser canyon of the Kronotsky Reserve and the volcanic flight route of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary. (Flight around volcanoes), Sakhalin Lake Bear Watching Course.

▌Kronotsky Nature Reserve (Geyser Canyon):

  • Flight route: Kronotskoye lake / Valley of Geysers / Uzon caldera / Nalychevo Hot Springs
  • The flight passes karymsky and Karymsky Lake, Maliy Semyachik, allowing passengers to take pictures in the air.

南部 South Kamchatka Reserve (Lake Sakhalin):

  • Flight route: Flying around Mutnovsky and Gorely / Kuril Lake / Ksudach / Khudutka Volcanic Hot Spring ).
  • Among them, Kuril Lake's bear-watching course is limited to July-September.

的 Routes around the volcano:

  • Flight route: Fly around Avachinsky or Avachinsky and Koryaksky, gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes ) Fly around, around the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes, and observe the aftermath of the Tolbachik eruption.



Kamchatka-Koryak National Village _Photographed by team leader Zhizhi Wang_DSC_1327

▌ Koryak Ethnic Village:

  • Located on the shores of small lakes, the countryside overlooks the Avoca volcano group-Koryak Volcano. Aboriginal homes are made from domesticated deer skin, and they know the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of Aboriginal people. Let visitors know more about the "Kamchatka Aboriginal lifestyle". Aboriginal people greet them with traditional dances and lead them to learn their traditional dances. Taste Kamchatka teas and "unleavened cakes" made from heather flowers, and see their own Kamchatka sled dogs.
Kamchatka-Koryak Ethnic Village_Photographed by Team Leader Hong Zhenyao_IMG_3846
Kamchatka-Koryak Ethnic Village_Picture by team leader Hong Zhenyao_IMG_3936
Kamchatka-Koryak Ethnic Village_Photographed by Team Leader Hong Zhenyao_IMG_3945
W1920H1080_ Kamchatka-Koryak Ethnic Village_Photo by Team Leader Li Mingfeng_DSCF2076

City Builder-Statue of Vitas Bering:

Kamchatka-Petropavlovsk-City Builders-Vitas Bering statue_Photographer Zheng Zihong_IMG_4013
  • Born in Denmark to the Russian Navy, Bering Strait, Bering Sea and Bering Island are named after him.

雕像 Brown bear and salmon statue:

  • Statue female brown bear leads salmon and bear cubs. These two creatures represent Kamchatka. The words above say "Russia starts from here", because Kamchatka is Russia's easternmost state, the first to see the sunrise city of.
Kamchatka-Petropavlovsk-brown bear and salmon statue_Photographer Zheng Zihong_IMG_3960


Kamchatka-Misnaya Mountain overlooking the city_Photo by team leader Zheng Zihong_IMG_5650
  • Here you can overlook the whole city of Yishanbanghai, and the sight is farther north to Kamchatka. .

▌ Kamchatka Volcano Museum:

  • It is an interactive multimedia science museum that tells about the Kamchatka volcano and the volcanoes of the world. In addition to rock samples and rich photos and film materials, the museum's exhibition also includes unique physical models of lava flows, leaving viewers profound impression.

Brown bear


Kamchatka-Take Helicopter-South Line-Lake Sakhalin-Brown Bear Ecology_Photo by Team Leader Zheng Zihong_IMG_0469

Season-limited bear watching itinerary

  • KamchatkaBrown Bear KingdomBecause of the abundant water resources and the salmon spawning ground, the salmon upstream from July to September will attract brown bears, making it the largest salmon breeding ground and brown bear paradise on Eurasia.
  • A helicopter tour of Sakhalin Lake is one of the popular routes for watching brown bears.

Sakhalin Island

Sakhalin ~ Overview

  • The Russian name is Sakhalin Island, and the Japanese name is Karathai Island. It is the largest island in the Russian Federation. Sakhalin Island is 950 kilometers north-south and covers an area of 76,400 square kilometers. The size of the island is comparable to that of Austria or the Czech Republic. Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands are part of Sakhalin State, with a population of about 500,000.
  • The capital is Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which is located in the southeast of the island and is the island's largest transportation hub and the sixth largest city in the Far East. The straight line distance from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Moscow is 6,644 kilometers.
  • Sakhalin Island is located in the east of the Heilongjiang estuary and is surrounded by the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan. The island has the most abundant natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, coal, and planted forest resources.
  • Official Website of the Russian Tourism Authority ~ Sakhalin Oblast

Sakhalin ~ Popular Attractions

Sakhalin State Museum of Cultural Relics:

(Sakhalin Regional Museum), located in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, houses more than 80,000 cultural relics, detailing the nature, people and history of Sakhalin Island. Among them, the most striking is the Japanese Imperial Frontier Monument and the artillery used in the Russo-Japanese War, which were placed in the central Sakhalin Island on the 50 北 line.Museum official website

W1920H1080_ Sakhalin Island-Sakhalin State Museum of Cultural Relics-Photo by Team Leader Li Mingfeng-02857
W1920H1080_ Sakhalin Island-Sakhalin State Museum of Cultural Relics-Photo by Team Leader Li Mingfeng-02857
W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-Yuzhno-Sakhalin State Heritage Museum_Picture by Team Leader Hong Zhenyao_IMG_7291


W1920H1080_Sakhalin-Yuzhno-Sakhalinx-Gorno-Wozdoch-Cable Car_Photographed by Team Leader Pu Hanlong_IMG_20190720_151846637
W1920H1080_ Sakhalin-Yuzhno-Sakhalinx-Gorno-Wozdukh-Take the cable car to the top of the mountain_Team Pu Hanlong_IMG_20190720_150122835
W1920H1080_Sakhalin-Yuzhno-Sakhalinx-Gorno-Wozdoch-Cable Car_Photographed by Team Leader Hong Zhenyao_IMG_7268

(Gorny vozdukh), is located in the very center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The Russian language means "air in the mountains". It is the premier ski resort in the Russian Far East. According to the best international standards, it has 16 race tracks. 25 kilometers, and another four ski resorts and cable cars. Take the gondola to the top of the mountain for a panoramic view of the city in the valley.

▌ Frog Rock Mountain:

(Butte Frog), Vestochka, 17 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, regarded as a source of power in the "land of energy" and a popular place of meditation, listed as a special nature reserve . Frog Rock used to be an ancient sea floor, and petrified shells can be found near it. The top of the mountain overlooks Aniwa Bay, Lake Tunaca and Lake Banca. The Komissarovka river flows at the foot of the Frog Mountain. The river is crystal clear and rumored to have medicinal properties.

W1920H1080_South Sakhalin-Frog Rock Mountain_shutterstock_1152740198
W1920H1080_South Sakhalin-Frog Rock Mountain_shutterstock_1152730808
W1920H1080_ Sakhalin Island-Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Komisarovka river_shutterstock_1152738701

▌Giant Cape Nature Reserve, Seabird Headland

W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-Seabird Cape Cape Velikan_shutterstock_1185927394
W1920H1080_ Sakhalin Island-Seabird Cape Cape Velikan_shutterstock_1528053461
W1920H1080_ Sakhalin-Seabird Cape Cape Velikan_shutterstock_1195220737
W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-Seabird Cape Cape Velikan_shutterstock_1185927376

Giants Cape Natural Monument: Covering an area of 43 hectares, it is located in the Korsakov district on the southern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Inscribed on the Special Nature Reserves list, it is part of the Toning-Aniva Mountains. The mountains extend from Cape Aniva to Cape Toning (Cape Liberty); the total length is 90 kilometers, the width is 20 kilometers, and the highest point is 544 meters above sea level.
The steep cliffs and dense forests near the sea make fishing and other economic activities difficult. No economic activities are allowed in the natural monument. Birds can be watched from May to August. Hunting, fishing and picking of wild plants do not require special permission.
Seabird headland: It is one of the components of a special nature reserve, unique and unique. Birds live in clusters of arched hills and stone pillars standing on the shore. There are many plants found on the island that are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and Sakhalin: Sargent Juniper, nine eyes alone. The grass and vines, including Rhodiola rosea, grow on the reefs along the seashore, and their vitality is extremely tenacious. Black-footed lemmings and Sakhalin musks breed in spruce and fir forests. Seagulls, cormorants, and swallows are the masters of the cape coast animal world.
Mushrooms and wild fruits are allowed to be picked in the natural monument. After obtaining special permission, you can visit or conduct scientific investigations.
Visit the reefs known as "fingers", "warriors", "elephants" and "arch rings". These natural sculptures are as amazing as magical works; the mountains covered by insurmountable coniferous forests extend to the sea.
Official website of the Russian Tourism Authority

Lake Tunaica:

(Озеро Тунайча / Tunaycha lake), located 15 kilometers outside Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, is an area of 174 square kilometers and a depth of 34 meters. It is the largest freshwater lake in the southern part of Sakhalin Island. Walking along the shores of Lake Tunaisa on Sakhalin Island, you can find many birds looking for food. Lake Tunaicha is a favorite of bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts.
NearbyIzmenchivoyeFrom a narrow strip of landOkhotsk seaSeparated. Unique geographical environment, under the change of cold and warm tides, there are 266 kinds of algae, and the ecology of phytoplankton is very rich. Molluscs, including mussels, giant oysters, coastal scallops, and sea cucumbers, thrive here. Large grass prawns can also be seen. There are also a variety of fish here: pink salmon, salmon, herring, broad cod, smeltfish, catfish, tilapia, etc. Another waterfowl was born here.
Okhotsk sea beachIt is an excellent place to relax. You can enjoy sunbathing here, and the sea water is cold and clear. Even in warm August, the water temperature here is only about -10 degrees Celsius.

▌Amber Coast:

(Янтарное побережье), located on the southeast coast of Sakhalin, and this area is known for its rich amber. Originally a simple fishing village, it is now widely known for its rich mineral resources. Among them, the amber with its original rich colors is processed into jewelry, which has attracted the attention of jewelers. Here, you can stroll along the beach with the sea breeze, admire the beautiful seascape and some marine life, such as starfish, crab, king crab, shellfish ... and so on.

W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-Tunaycha Lake_Picture by Team Leader Hong Zhenyao_IMG_4937
W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-Amber Coast_Leader Pu Hanlong_IMG_20190720_113011752
W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-Amber Coast_Leader Pu Hanlong_IMG_20190720_104815750
W1920H1080_Sakhalin Island-King Crab Tasting

岬 Aniva Point:

W1920H1080_ Sakhalin-Aniva Cape Aniva_shutterstock_1149001973

(Cape Aniva), a prominent promontory on the southern part of the main island in Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. It protrudes from the La Perez Strait, with Aniva Bay to the west and the Sea of Okhotsk to the east. To the south of Lapiruz Strait, it is possible to reach the headland of Soya, Japan.

▌Moneron Island:

Остров Монерон), formerly known as the Kaiba Island during the Japanese rule, is located in the Aya Strait, about 44 kilometers southwest of Sakhalin. Although Ainu people lived on the island in the past, today there is no permanent population on the island. There are more sea lions here than in a year.Official Website of the Russian Tourism Authority ~ Moneron Island in Sakhalin

W1920H1080_ Sakhalin-Sea Lion _shutterstock_626631542

Thousand Islands ~ Chokdo Island (Iturup Island)

  • The Thousand Islands, Russia calls it the Kuril Islands, is a group of volcanic islands consisting of 56 islands and many small reefs. It is 1,300 kilometers in length, located between the southwest of Kamchatka, Russia and the northeast of Hokkaido, Japan. It is now under the jurisdiction of Russia's Sakhalin region.
  • Seraph island, Russia asIturup i.(Итуруп / Iturup), is the largest island in the disputed territory of Russia and Japan.Baransky, vol.Most loved by the residents of the island, there are hot springs, mud pits, fumaroles, and geothermal swamps. You can enjoy natural hot springs in winter and summer.
  • Official Website of the Russian Tourism Administration ~ Tsaruk Island, Sakhalin State (Iturup Island)
W1920H1080_Catch Island-Baransky volcano shutter_1167547342

Secret Island-Barranski Volcano

W1920H1080_Catch Island-Yangkito lava shutter_1228634410

Sierra Island-Yangkito lava

W1920H1080_Catch Island-White Rocks_shutterstock_594237926

Seokdo White Rock

W1920H1080_Catch Island-Geothermal_shutterstock_787607512

Geothermal Island


Vladivostok ~ Overview

  • Freezing port in the Russian Far East. The Russian name "Vladivostok" means "conquer the East".
  • Vladivostok is the capital of Russia's Primorsky Krai. Surrounded by sea on three sides, it is at the junction of China, North Korea and Russia. It has excellent natural deep-water harbors and is the seat of the Russian Pacific Fleet.
  • Official Website of Russian Tourism Authority ~ Russia's Primorsky Krai-Vladivostok

Vladivostok ~ Popular Attractions

▌ 鹫 Nest Observation Deck:

(Eagle & #8217; s Nest) is the commanding height of Vladivostok, overlooking the city of Vladivostok and Golden Horn Bay, known as the "Oriental San Francisco". Standing on the observation deck, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. There are many urban landscapes and castle forts The starting point of the Trans-Siberian Railway-Vladivostok Railway Station, Lenin Square, and Central Square are all representative landscapes of the city. On the observation deck are the monuments of Kirill and Mefodi (Памятник Кириллу и Мефодию / Pamyatnik Kirillu I Mefodiyu). They are the inventors of Russian and have a very high status in Russia. Go to the Observation Deck, you can take the Vladivostok Ropeway to climb the mountain. The place of the gondola:Владивостокский фуникулёр cable car.

▌Golden Horn Bay:

(Golden Horn Bay), a port in the Far East that is not frozen all year round. Standing on a high point overlooking the panorama of the bay, this bay is like a curved horn, the sea is full of ships and warships, buildings and spires on the shore of the bay.
Golden Horn Bay BridgeIt is one of the landmarks in the center of Vladivostok. Cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 737m, a total length of 1388.09 meters, a bridge deck width of 28.5m, and two main towers with a height of 226.25m. The bridge started construction on July 25, 2008 and was opened to traffic in July 2012.

▌C-56 Submarine Museum:

(Подводная Лодка C-56 / Submarine C-56), a retired submarine located on the "Fleet of Honor Monument of the Pacific Fleet" in Vladivostok. It has been awarded the Red Flag and the Guards Force. Next to it is a black marble monument with inscriptions from 1941 to 1945. The Soviet Red Army navy sacrificed generals during the Great Patriotic War to defend important ports and the historical facts that China and North Korea helped. "Changming fire" burned in front of the monument. During World War II, the officers and men of this C-56 submarine fought bravely, sinking 10 enemy ships and hitting 4 heavily.`` C-56 Submarine '' Wikipedia Introduction. ◎ For opening hours and tickets, please see:Russian Pacific Navy Military History Museum official website

▌Vladivostok Railway Station:

Vladivostok Railway Station, built in 1911, has a European architectural style and is one of the most beautiful railway stations in Russia. [Siberian Railway Monument] On the platform of the railway station, there is an eagle pattern on the monument. The four Arabic numerals "9288" are the end point of the Siberian Railway and the starting point of the railway in the Far East.

▌ Victory Square Soldier Monument:

Vladivostok-Victory Square Warrior Monument _ shot by team leader Guo Xingheng

(Square of the Fighters for the Soviet Power), or the Memorial to the Fighters of the Soviet Power in the Far East, was built to commemorate the February and October Revolutions of 1917. It was built in 1961 and is still the largest monument in Vladivostok, a landmark on the postcard of Vladivostok. The monument is 30 meters high and is a classical socialist statue. The sculptor is Alexei Teleta.

▌Military Fortress Museum:

Vladivostok-Military Fortress Museum _ Photograph by Team Leader Wang Zhizheng

(Vladivostok Fortress Museum / Muzey Vladivostokskaya Krepost) was officially declared a fortress in 1899. During the First World War, the fortress successfully resisted attacks from sea and land and was indestructible. A large number of powerful weapons remained at the fort.Official website of the Military Fortress Museum

▌ Binhai National Arsenyev Museum:

Vladivostok-National Museum of Seaside Arsenyev

(Primorskiy Gosudarstvennyy Ob & #8221; Yedinonnyy Muzey Imeni Vkarsen & #8217; yeva), one of the largest and most famous museums in the Far East, which displays many historical geography, biological specimens along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, and the customs of the Siberian minority. The pavilion makes people feel like they are in the deep mountain jungle of Siberia. ◎ For opening hours and tickets, please see:Museum official website

▌ Tokanev Lighthouse:

Vladivostok-Tokanev Lighthouse Lighthouse Tokarevskaya cat_shutterstock_1102005452

(Lighthouse Tokarevskiy), has been standing at the entrance of Vladivostok Port for more than 100 years. The lower half of the lighthouse is octagonal, and the upper half is round. Except for the tower top which is red, the rest are white. Stand here and look out over the Russian Vladivostok Bridge in the distance. The lighthouse in the final shot of the movie "July and Anson" was shot here.

▌Russia Island / Aquarium:

Russian IslandIt is the outer island of Vladivostok.
Russian Island Bridge, Is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, connecting the Vladivostok Golden Horn Bay and the Russian Island. The total length of the bridge is 1885.53 meters, and its central channel span is 1140 meters. The bridge deck width is 29.5 meters, the carriageway is 23.8 meters wide, the two-way 4 lanes, and the bridge pier height is 324 meters. The island plan will develop into a large tourist resort.
Aquarium or Primorsky Oceanarium, Located on the Russian island, was established in 2015. When the aquarium opened, the ribbon was cut by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself. Covering an area of 90 hectares, it is Russia's largest sea aquarium, with about 500 species of fish and a total biomass of more than 20,000. ◎ For opening hours and tickets, please see:Aquarium official website

▌Vladivostok triumphal arch:

(Triumphal Arch for Tsar Nicholas II, or Arch of Prince Nicholas) was founded in 1891. It was repaired by Alexander III for his father Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich to commemorate the great achievements of the expansion of the territory. Thirty years later, it was destroyed during the Soviet period. After nearly 100 years, the people decided to restore history and renovate. It is now one of the landmarks of Vladivostok. Not far from the Arc de Triomphe is the Golden Horn. The Arc de Triomphe combines the features of the European Arc de Triomphe and the Russian architectural style. It is very beautiful, and it is often seen that the bride and groom are shooting wedding dresses here.

Vladivostok-Triumphal Arch-Winter Landscape_shutterstock_309479162

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